Contemporary Lighting | Feb 23, 2016
Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands

Browse a wide selection of contemporary lighting fixtures and lamps, with our selection of Top 10 Brands:

DelightFULL .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_delightfull

DELIGHTFULL’s Lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are present in each detail. Working with our hands we transfer our passion and devotion into everything we make and thus our masterpieces are born.
Share soul and heritage with the world…a DELIGHTFULL world.


Brabbu .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_brabbu

A design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle.



Artemide .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands

In Milan, 1960, Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza founded Artemide, naming their new lighting company after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon. Thus inspired, many Artemide designs are distinctly lunar…round and white, with an ethereal all-around glow.


Cantori .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_brera_cantori
Breda Chandelier

The beauty of shape and the extraordinary variety of compositions can win you over at first glance, but it is only when you skim over the soft finishes and the fine handcrafted decorations, physically touching the quality of the materials used and the sturdiness of the frames that you will truly understand the absolute inimitability of Cantori’s world.


contemporary lighting flos (Copy)

Flos is a creative lighting brand that involves many creative minds, it is well-known among the top lighting brands.

Kundalini .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands

Every Kundalini product is the fruit of a strong concept and tells the story of a specific creative and technological journey. All are consistent with the corporate philosophy that has always combined an unconventional approach and the search for new aesthetics with a deep knowledge of materials and technologies.

You will not believe what these lamps are made of kk chandeliers 750

Luceplan .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands

Luceplan creates innovative lighting fixtures since its creation more than 30 years ago.

Robert Abbey .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_robert

In the beginning, Robert Abbey Lighting produced table and floor lights for department stores, based out of Brooklyn. At that time in 1946 everything was done in-house, from designing to manufacturing and finishing, even shade production. Once their popularity grew, Robert Abbey moved into a larger facility in North Carolina in the 1980s.

Tech Lighting .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_tech_lighting_Brummel

As the current industry leader in low voltage lighting, Tech Lighting started small. It was founded in 1983 in Skokie, IL (outside Chicago), its first major product offering the low voltage Kable Lite rail system in 1988. Its distinctive dual cable design quickly established the trend-setting reputation of Tech track lighting and set the stage for the company’s rapid growth and innovative lighting solutions to come.

Tom Dixon .

Contemporary Lighting: Top 10 Brands_tom dixon

Tom Dixon was founded in 2002 with a lofty goal: to revive the British furniture industry. Even as it was founded, the company already had a sort of rebellious, inventive reputation based on the preceding career of the man himself. Dixon, a self-taught designer and welder first burst onto the scene in 1987 with his S-chair for Cappellini.

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